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Our Artwork Inspired by Designs from Pacific Northwest Cultures
[Sculpture of Spedis Owl]
This sculpture is of Spedis Owl, whom the Wishram say married a cannibal woman who steals children who misbehave.
[Sculpture of an Eagle]
An eagle.
[Sculpture of the Old Man of the Dalles]
This sculpture is based on rock art appearing near one of the best fishing spots on The Dalles, and specifies that those in need should not be denied fish caught by others. A detailed explanation is available.
[Sculpture of a Rattlesnake]
A timber rattlesnake.
[Sculpture of a Rayed Figure]
The rays above the figure represent the supernatural power which a human could gain through a vision quest.
[Sculpture of Mountain Sheep Showing Internal Organs]
A mountain sheep with stylized internal organs. Similar X-Ray images are found in most primitive cultures.
[Sculpture of Twins]
Twins were thought to have special shamanistic powers.