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Our Artwork Inspired by Navajo Designs
[Sculpture of Black Ye'i]
Haskéshjini, or Black Ye'i, is the deity who created fire and the constellations. The seven dots on his forehead are the Pleiades.
[Sculpture of Humpbacked Ye'i]
Ghaan'ask'idii, or the Humpbacked Ye'i, is a fertility deity, and the hump is a satchel containing seeds and mist, with feathers on the outside. These Ye'i wear sheep horns, which symbolize power, and carry staffs or planting sticks.
[Sculpture of Star Ye'i]
A Star Ye'i. The stars are very important to the Navajo. This Ye'i has horns signifying strength, and a constellation on the face.
[Sculpture of Buffalo With Heartline]
Sculpture of sympathetic magic rock art showing a buffalo with pierced heartline. This piece was created as part of a hunting ritual. The front legs are folding, showing that the animal has been mortally wounded by the arrow piercing the heart.
[Sculpture of Man With Shield Bristling With Arrows]
The warrior with the spear, which might also be an arrow, in front of him and a bow behind him, is protected by the shield. This protection is demonstrated by the numerous arrows embedded in the shield.
[Sculpture of Man With Shield and Raised Arm]
Another sculpture of a warrior protected by a shield. This warrior has a spear in his hand. The protection is demonstrated by the arrows embedded in the shield.
[Corn Maiden from Sand Painting]
A corn maiden based on a figure from a sand painting.
[Sculpture of Spaniard on Horseback]
A Spaniard on horseback. When Spain began colonizing the American southwest there was not a single horse on the continent. The strange combination of man and horse, as well as steel swords, was so unusual that the Navajo recorded it in their rock art.