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Our Artwork Inspired by Mimbres Designs
[Sculpture of Abstract Geometric Pattern With Concentric Spirals]
Abstract geometric pattern with concentric spirals. May represent a whirlwind.
[Sculpture of Abstract Geometric Pattern With Lines and Spirals]
Abstract geometric pattern with lines and spirals. Has four-fold symmetry. (Symmetry of rotation.)
[Sculpture of Abstract Geometric Pattern With Rectangles and Curves]
Abstract geometric pattern with rectangles and curves.
[Sculpture of Man Turning Into a Crane]
Man turning into a crane. Or is it the other way around?
[Sculpture of a Warrior With Shield and Weapons]
Warrior with shield and weapons.
[Sculpture of a Fish Monster]
This fish monster was vanquished by the Hero Twins. The Navajo have similar mythology.
[Sculpture of a Rabbit Being Eaten by an Eagle]
The moon was considered to be a rabbit which was regularly devoured by an eagle, with the degree of devourment changing according to lunar phase. This sculpture represents this myth.
[Sculpture of a Human Skeleton and a Rat]
Life in the desert was often precarious, and rats sometimes tipped the balance the wrong way.
[Sculpture of a Shaman with a Pipe and a Bell]
Shaman with a pipe in one hand and a bell in the other. The pipe has feathers on the end. The posture seems to indicate sitting, but the figure is actually dancing.
[Sculpture of a Dragonfly]
Dragonflies are voracious hunters of insects, particularly mosquitos, and their four wings give them great agility.
[Sculpture of a Flying Insect]
A flying insect, probably a mosquito.
[Sculpture of a Pinch Bug]
A pinch bug. This may represent an ant lion larvae which feeds upon ants. It digs a conical pit and waits at the center. When an ant falls in, the ant lion hurls sand at the ant until it falls to the bottom of the pit. The ant lion then punctures the ant with its jaws and sucks out its bodily fluids.
[Sculpture of linked Sand Blowers]
Sand blowers dig themselves into the sand and appear to be blowing it about.
[Sculpture of a Scorpion]
The scorpion is a voracious hunter -- of insects, small animals, and even other scorpions -- and its sting is dangerous, sometimes fatal, to humans.
[Sculpture of a Spider]
A spider, probably a black widow spider based on the abdomen's shape. Black widows are common in the southwest and their bite is very dangerous and often fatal.
[Sculpture of a Water Skater]
A water skater which walks on the surface of streams.
[Sculpture of a Crane and Fish Conversing]
A conversation between a crane and a fish.
[Sculpture of a Crane Swallowing Fish ]
A crane swallowing many fish. Cranes are voracious eaters. (Each of the fish has eyes and gills, but the small size shown here does not make this very clear.)
[Sculpture of a Bat]
The bat is often associated with protection.
[Sculpture of a Gekko]
A gekko or lizard.
[Sculpture of a Gekko with Gekko Cutouts]
A gekko, or lizard, with gekko shaped cutouts.
[Sculpture of a Jack Rabbit]
A jack rabbit.
[Sculpture of a Mountain Sheep]
A mountain sheep. These are wily and mean, and can be dangerous to hunt.
[Sculpture of a Snake with Cutouts]
A snake with cutouts.
[Sculpture of a Snake]
A snake.
[Sculpture of a Turkey Gobbler]
A turkey gobbler (male turkey).
[Sculpture of a Female Turkey]
A female turkey.
[Sculpture of a Frog]
A frog.