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Our Artwork Inspired by Designs from Chad
[Sculpture of Camel with Rider]
This warrior sits upon a camel or dromedary, and comes from rock art dated to the Dromedary or Equine Period. The warrior's headdress has large feathers and he is armed with a short spear, or possibly a throwing knife.
[Sculpture of a Cow]
Like many rock art imagesfrom the Bovine Period, the one inspiring this sculpture depicts a cow. Images of domesticated cattle were common during this period, likely because of their numbers and importance, for food and milk. Even today, milk is given to guests as an antidote to the arid climate. Water may not be easy to find, but with a cow milk is readily available.
[Sculpture of a Giraffe]
This giraffe was inspired by rock art dating to the Archaic Period. Notice how the patches of dark hair on the giraffe were rendered as a mirror image, giving the animal a very light, almost lacy quality.
[Sculpture of a Rhinoceros]
This rhinoceros sculpture originates in rock art dated to the Bovine Period.
[Sculpture of Two Woman Dancing]
The representation of two women dancing was taken from rock art dating to the late Dromedary Period.